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I love the first shot. As always, very nice pics! :)

Wim van der Meij

You must be a remarkable man to be able to get so close to people. And they all seem very relaxed when you point your camera.
Fine shots again!

Dave Mac

Incredible shots Sidney. Love the B&W choice.

Ashish Sidapara

Love the images, the tones are lovely. Love the perspective in the last 2 shots, well done!!


I really love that man's smile in the top photo!

That is SO sad about all the damage done by the typhoon though.


it's funny how people spent a fortune to "imagine" Waterworld; yet reality had already created a similar environment elsewhere. marvellous (again)


Great Shots...Absolutelt love the last one


Nice angle to the shots here.


What lovely B&W pictures Sidney - really cought in action - thanks for sharing!

Chris Vallancourt

I like the angle of the shots taken from under the man with the fishing net.


These are great images, and I like the low angle from which they were shot!


Brilliant images ... do these fish have increased mercury content ... which has become a big problem these days.

Mike Dougan

Brillinat B&W images, some very interesting perspectives.


I love this series of photos you have here. There is great personality shown in the set. I love how the black and white choice because it allows you to focus on other things such as the people instead of colors. You've done an excellent job here!


Very nice B/W pictures.
I like your different posts.
Yvon. (Belgium)


Brilliant photos, Sidney! I can't believe they catch that much fish in a year!!


Fine shots! And always very smiling people. I like especially the angle of view of the two last shots.


Again I stand amazed at how contented these people seem. As if they are wishing me long life and happiness. Same to you, guys!
And you, Sidney.

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